Benefits of Winter Remodeling in Greensburg, PA

Is Winter the Perfect Time to Remodel?

Can You Replace Windows in Winter?
January 1, 2018

Is Winter the Perfect Time to Remodel?

Convenient Scheduling and Great Prices

Common sense and tradition conspire to tell us that spring and summer are the prime remodeling seasons. Is it true?

While remodeling in the dead of winter may seem like a bad idea, there are a number of benefits that every home owner should consider. Once you understand the advantages to winter remodeling, you may change your mind.

We Can Schedule You Sooner

Think of winter as off-season. We often are not as busy as during the summer months, so we have more time for you! Your home remodeling project can be planned, scheduled, and executed in a timely fashion.

Painting and flooring are two great jobs for winter scheduling, as they often bring a vibrant new look to your home and help chase away the winter doldrums.

Even if you decide not to execute your project in the cold of winter, we are likely to have more time to meet with you and refine your plans, leading to a smoother project in spring.

Don’t Fear the Mess

It’s winter, the windows are closed, and doors shut tight. It’s messy outside, and you fear that fumes, dust, and tracked-in snow and mud will make the process of remodeling miserable.

At DelGrosso Remodeling and Construction, our goal is to amaze you with a job well done, not to cause stress over a mess. We’ll evaluate your remodeling needs and the weather, planning for dust filters, floor-to-ceiling plastic shields, ventilation fans, plastic shoe covers, and more. As experienced winter remodelers, we won’t let you down.

Get Great Prices

Whether it’s cabinets or windows, flooring or appliances, the prices are likely to go up in spring. During the winter months, manufacturers would love to see last year’s inventory cleared from their shelves. We can recommend good deals that help make a winter remodeling project a smart move for your budget.

Limits to Winter Remodeling

Never dismiss a project just because it’s cold outside. True, we are not going to recommend exterior painting during winter, but projects like kitchen and bath remodeling, basement remodeling, interior painting, flooring, even window and door replacement are perfectly feasible. Even decks can be constructed in winter with a little cooperation from the weather.

At Del Grosso Construction, we know that home improvement never sleeps and that a few snowflakes shouldn’t stop you from making your home a more comfortable, livable, and inviting space.