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Can You Replace Windows in Winter?

Is Winter the Perfect Time to Remodel?
January 15, 2018

Can You Replace Windows in Winter?

Waiting Until Spring Could be Worse

Perhaps you waited too long.  Winter is here and with it the bitter weather to prove your old windows are drafty, or that a cracked or broken window is simply letting in too much cold air.

Is it too late to replace your windows? Not at all. Window replacement is generally thought of as a fair-weather job, but at DelGrosso Remodeling and Construction we can handle window (and door) replacements in a way that will soon warm winter’s chill.

We Won’t Turn Your Home into a Freezer

You can count on us to keep you comfortable during winter window replacement.

  • Replacing one window at a time to minimize your home’s exposure to cold air.
  • Using plastic barriers to seal off the work area and minimize heat loss.
  • Keeping the doors closed of the room we are working in.
  • Using tarps and shoe covers, taking care to keep you home clean in snowy and muddy weather.

From the day your new windows go in, you’ll feel warmer and your heating bills will start to go down. There’s no need to suffer all winter when DelGrosso can respond to your window needs all year round.

We Follow Best Install Procedures for Cold Weather

Even in the dead of winter, some days are better than others. We’ll evaluate the weather for sun, rain, and storm, picking the optimal day and time so that the window materials and sealants have the best chance of performing properly.

Winter weather may require special, high-performance sealants, and silicone-based caulk rather than latex or acrylic. When it’s all said and done though, your winter windows will be every bit as reliable as the same installation in fair weather.

Get Great Prices, Fast Response Time

December and January can be great months to buy windows.

It’s “off season” and manufacturers may offer deals to help reduce their inventory. Add to that the fact that contractors are usually not as busy in winter, and these two factors can unite to bring you impressive savings and fast service.

And don’t forget about your doors. Winter door replacement offers many of the same advantages as getting new windows in the off season.

Limits to Winter Window Replacement

Today, most windows can be installed even in extreme cold weather. Whenever possible, we try to avoid the lowest temperatures and active weather like rain and snow. These factors can cause problems with the application of sealants and insulation foam.

At Del Grosso Construction, we know that a comfortable home is one of the most important gifts you can give to your family, whatever the season. Therefore, don’t hesitate to call, no matter the weather. We can replace those windows and stop uncomfortable drafts and over-the-top heating bills fast!