At DelGrosso, We Bring Your Basement to Life

Once the forgotten space of every house, the kingdom of the water heater and the furnace, basements are coming alive as a useful, even luxurious part of your home. New materials and modern design mean that the bottom of the stairs can lead to much more than a laundry room and a few storage bins.

The possibilities are as unique as your dreams, including:

  • Basement game and entertainment rooms
  • A man-cave or basement bar
  • An office nook or hobby space
  • A gym and workout area
  • Home basement theater
  • A home spa
  • That extra room for company and guests

If you can imagine it, DelGrosso Remodeling & Construction can build it for you. Give us a call at 724-954-3167.

Benefits of a Basement Remodel

The typical home addition can be expensive, takes a significant amount of time, and opens your home to the elements during construction. Adding a room means extending the foundation, erecting walls, and adding a roof. Care must be taken so that the final product complements the look and feel of the existing structure.

That’s why basement remodeling delivers the best value per square foot compared to all other home addition projects. You can transform your basement space into anything you want, and it can be completed more cost effectively and quicker than you imagine.

A remodeled basement increases your home value and makes your house look more attractive to prospective house buyers.

Basement renovation can turn a dank, unused space into a comfy and exciting hangout for your family and friends.

Because basement remodeling often involves adding insulation and new, finished walls and ceiling components, the entire project can add to the energy efficiency of your home.

Interested in learning more? Call the basement finishing experts at DelGrosso. 724-954-3167.

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  • We respect your budget and work with you to design affordable projects.
  • We honor your time and make the best use of it by keeping our projects on schedule.

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Examples of Our Basement Remodeling Work